How're You Really Feeling

I'm at a place in my life that is wakening to what's really on the inside. I guess this is a conscious thing that can occur when you're trying to keep it all together and move forward. After all people expect you to come 100% when you show up for life occasions. It can be a lot of pressure when you're actually stuck on the inside to yesterday, last year, or even from the day you can remember when that thing happened that caused you to stop at that second and become stuck at that time.  

Dear Reader and friends this was me for so long until I found that journaling was a true friend and therapeutic.  I began to detach from people being my resource for help.  Sometimes, we can tire people out and somethings are just too personal for ears. However, through journaling I began to really go inward to find healing, peace, encouragement, joy, and so many other things.  This isn't a sad blog to deal out to each of you my feelings, but one that 's encouraging you all to face the question, "How're you really feeling."  This was a question that caused me to become free of a lot of negative emotions I had after my mothers death. What I found that even in her death there were things I walked into from my own choices that made me feel a certain type of way that I hadn't dealt with that needed to be resolved. So, my friend, how're you really feeling today?  I want to encourage you all to go find you a journal and begin to ponder that question.  In passing of friend and family people ask that question all the time, but do they really stop to see if it's something that they can help us with.  Most times No, but it's okay, because you can learn to answer this question own your own. 

Right now I want to draw out of you, is that Alright?

Many of you are on pause in life from your childhood and you've been stuck ever since. Sometimes these pauses happen in your adult life as well.  That thing could be molestation, rape, beatings, verbal abuse, rejection, breakups, sickness, divorce, death of a loved one, addictions, or maybe some other thing.  I need you to go back to the occurrence even though it hurts to face that moment to say even though this happened it doesn't define who I am today or will it keep haunting me to continue to make me feel some type of way.  


Fear is just a word that packages itself up around a big ball of emotions that can show up and hide behind anxiety, shame, depression, mental anguish, rejection and other things. Fear will cause you to try to keep moving like things never happened, but it did.  You really can't hide fear, because people can see it and sometimes our faces show it. Sometime, it's how we act when we encounter something that reminds of that very thing. I want to again encourage you to turn around at whatever the point is and face it.  Fear is like a bully! It positions itself at that day and time in your life and dares you to step up to it ever again to kick it's ass or respond to it. 

Now let's turn this around a little for others that may not be dealing with Fear.

Journaling helps to unleash your inner voice and allows your spirit to speak up on things that really matter to you.  Writing is my ritual now,  because I can be open and honest with myself on how i'm feeling.  It allows me to keep open communication to the Lord and to really lay bare my hopes, dreams, desires, and goals.  If I should feel some type of feelings I lay them at Gods feet. I've noticed the answers God places before me when I'm journaling when I include him in. Try it, because God wants to know about the intimate things in your life as well.

So friends this week Topic was How're you really feeling. Be sure to respond if you like, I'd like to know.  Join us live on Facebook on Mondays at 8pm in our group discussion on different topics. Next Week Monday journal entry is What do I really want? Join me and lets open up to the new doors being open in our life.

Angie Steele


Angie Steele  

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