You Shall Bear Much Fruit

Yesterday, I released my first book and received some awesome feedback on it.  The book had gone to other authors months ago for their opinion and comments.  The reviews came back as positive, yet I still remain nervous.  Nervous over just the thought of stepping outside of the box and doing such a thing.  I can't say that the book release was the biggest thing I've ever done, however writing is a gate to the soul.  People can capture your personality and if you've encountered or experienced what you wrote they get a peep into your world.  Now let me just say, I'm honored for every hardship, challenge, and door God has given me.  It has helped to shape me as a person by molding me to be a better person & to get me through life!  Last evening, I checked my email at about 11:00 pm & had yet another book sale.  I flipped over to messenger and sent a message to my friend that purchased the book to thank her.  I don't get a chance to see her much at all and years have gone by since I've last seen her, however this person left me speechless.  She startled me with her words and said, "Thank you my friend for being so inspiring!!  I look up to you, I admire you, you're strong, and touching so many lives daily.  #1Fan."  



You look up to me?

(Falls flat out & tears up)

I responded by saying thank you and explained how when I do many things I do them scared. I'm a person that hands are in a lot of pots?  Consider me a busy body or just a person that seek to understand how things work and just try? Oh my friend that is so me. There's days I wake up and then BOOM there goes a new idea. Last week I designed a friends website after saying I wanted to try it.  Ideas consume me especially if I'm passionate about a thing.  How about you are you hunted by your ideas & thoughts and somehow have to get them off paper to turn them into a manifested project?

I use to think I had a disorder, but Nah it's just me.  Honestly, I need to thank some close friends of mines, because they have to listen to all these new projects I come up with in my head.  To help me keep from being all over the place I have to journal.  With each new month I write out goals & review them often.  Ya'll I'm not praying to be great or rich or anything. My prayer is that in whatever I do it helps someone else.  Truth of the matter is when I post on social media, host a conference, vlog/blog, and like writing this book the info be for me.  If my audience gets something out of it that's even greater. 

Let's focus a for a sec on the title of this blog, They Shall Bear Much Fruit. 

John 8:15 talks about God being the Gardener and Jesus being the vine.  We are the branches of the vine and as we grow he prunes us.  He cuts off anything that's not bearing fruit.  To go deeper, this passage talks about how pruning helps us to become even more fruitful.  Wow! I've read this passage several times, but just realized it said this.  So Lord, that time when I thought I wanted to go to school and finish, try cake decorating, a new relationship, job, you cut it off when it wasn't producing. However as a result of the pruning, I've received better produced relationships, hobbies, ideas, etc. The passage makes it clear that those that remain in Christ apart of the vine will be plentiful.  It's great news understanding how it all works.  Om essence let me be a voice to you to say commit your ways to the Lord and Keep being productive. In due time you shall reap a harvest. 











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  • Joy

    Joy Cincinnati, Ohio

    Love this beautiful ! Very powerful!

    Love this beautiful ! Very powerful!

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