Same Road Different Color-Manuel Duran 

Great Morning, 

It’s 20 minutes to 5:00 am and i’m up doing one of the things I love to do and that’s blog.  I wanted to draw some attention on a hometown Latin American journalist, philanthropist, & Memphian Manuel Duran.  Not sure if you folks remember his story, but he was a covering a story in downtown Memphis concerning immigration on April 3, 2018.  He along with many were simply demonstrating peacefully to show unity & take a stand for those affected by immigration. Just recently, within a few month we’ve seen how children have been separated from their parents & placed in detention facilities.  Some kids too small to understand & some big enough to forever remember the mark of this separation. This morning I feel it’s extremely important to remember Manuel & his efforts to move our city, our nation, & our society forward with showing support for those who may not have a voice in our country to shine light on this grim issue.  For the last six years in the “black” community we’ve seen unjustice with our own as we’ve tried to stand for those victims such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, & countless others. We have been deterred, voices quieted, & it certainly not right. 

I see similarities! In my opinion it’s to silence those that see injustice through prejudiceness, ignore wrong, look the other way, & allow social issues of such to go without notice.  I’m no Katniss Everdeen, but I do feel I should shoot the arrow to the bullseye and call attention to racism, prejudiceness, & discrimination. My title to Manuel story is Same Road Different Color, WE my dear people are falling more into the rabbit hole.  How do we pull ourselves out? We pull each other out by realizing that we are all one in the same hole and as we wake up to the issues at hand it’s up to us to wake others. Though brought here differently for different reasons, we are all facing a plaguing disease of social issues. Let’s band together & learn more about each other stories, creating covenant to stand together, to demonstrate love for one another.   

Civil Rights legend James Meredith who fought for integration in 1962 in Mississippi stated he’s on the road to something new.  His something new is a mission from God as reported on .  That mission is one to do the will of God to, “confront  society’s breakdown of moral character by encouraging people to live by the Holy Commandments.”  Meredith words also spoke that if healing began we could move forward and heal while correcting old social issues. I’m sure with that it would bring healing to move towards a better future for our world. (Associated Press)  Manuel we see your efforts in your community & several in ours looking for change. We’re praying for you & it will All be over soon.  To write Manuel Duran please send mail to LaSalle ICE Processing Center, 830 Pine Hill Rd.Jena, LA 71342.


 Her name is Nita Lynn & she's the founder and owner of 1989 hair.  I met Nita on Instagram as I was branding myself, showcasing my hair skills, and hosting my vlogs. As we chatted away Nita asked the question of if I could be a brand ambassador for her hair line and I estacically said Yes.  One thing I wanted to know from Lynn was what made her name the brand 1989. She replied, "It was the year she was born." Lynn mentioned that she loved hair and grew up styling her sisters hair and wanted to open a salon of her own one day.  For now she has launched into the hair sales industry which grosses for some up to over $100,000 a year or more.  Currently, Nita's company 1989 covers & distributes in 6 states and will soon feature an organic product line for women along with a plethora of hair she offers.  

When asked about the life of being an entrepreur and how hard it is she mentioned that she's definitely learned time management. The marketing, direct shipping, and sales are solely upon her currently100%. However, with determination & hard work her business has been great in it's first year.  As for what her company stands for you should know that PROFESSIONALISM is the base of her company and MARKETING is the gateway for her to the world.

Some of the different kinds of hair you can get are Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Blonde Hair. Deep, Loose, Straight, Kinky Curly hair textures. Shes also ready to feature ready made units as well. 

If interested in possibly becoming a 1989 Brand Ambassdor, follow on Instagram and send her a message and why you can be an asset to her brand. However, be on the lookout for celebrity ambassadors and more.


Angie Steele 

Valentine's Day Blog 

                              Three Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day in Memphis 


You don't have to have a sweetheart to celebrate Valentine's Day in Memphis! While this is viewed  as a romantic holiday, it's also a good time to get together with your friends. There's a great  selection of activities and events that you can attend with friends, or your significant other. We're here with three suggestions for enjoying Valentine's Day in Memphis and tips to ensure it's a fun night for all. 

Burlesque Show 

On February 3, Sock it to Me Burlesque will be putting on their "Heartbreaker" show at Rockhouse Live. This is an annual celebration that's a whole lot of fun to watch! It's fun for a unique date night or even for singles to have a great time. There will be live music, burlesque, pole and belly dance, as well as fire shows happening that evening! 

Yoga and Beer 

Are you looking for a bit of calm after the holiday? Enjoy Bendi Brewski Yoga at High Cotton Brewing the day after Valentine's. There's no experience necessary for the beginner  
style yoga offered here every Thursday. It feels great to stretch out, and even better to enjoy  a pint of beer afterward.  

Treat Yourself to Dinner 

There are tons of restaurants in Memphis offering special menus for Valentine's Day. Celtic Crossing is offering a three course dinner for $40 per person as well as live music for  
entertainment. If you really want to treat yourself, consider the four course dinner at Chez Philippe at a $95 price point that includes valet parking. These spots will be pretty packed  
for the night, so be sure to make reservations as soon as possible if you haven't already. Regardless of what you decide to do with your friends or partner, be sure to consider your mode of transportation for your V Day itinerary! Professional transportation in Memphis such as car service  
or a party bus is your best bet for securing safety and convenience! You'll be able to visit several destinations without having to order a new car every time as you do with an Uber or Lyft. Limo Service Memphis can make a big difference in how you experience the city.

Well there you have it Memphis, go be great and have fun on Valentine' Day.


Angie Steele 

The Back to Black Fashion Series 

Happy New Year and welcome to the Back to Black Series Collaboration featuring myself along with a few of my blogger friends.  What's great about this blog is that you get to see each of my friends and myself style personality dressed in black.  Now my preference is the color red, but Boo I really had fun posing & smiling in this color.  

 I'll also have you know that my blog normally focuses on female entrepreneurs winning in and around my city.  This fashion blog is a first, but I was happy to jump in on it. Now, let' get this blog started with some details in what I wore and pics and link of my girls. 

I had the best time with my new family of friends in Dillard's for my overlay jacket.  We all need a little something like this in our lives.  It's trimmed in leather and gave my whole outfit just the right look for a day or night look.  Wish they had it in red, but let's move on, lol.  My necklace is from the beautiful accessory queen herself Mel's Creative Designs. Be sure to follow her on Instagram.  This silver necklace made me feel so fab. It was just the right piece to make this outfit a statement.  Let' talk about my purse that I found for five bucks. I'm a bargain shopper and it had tags on it Boo. I just had to take it home with me. Taking it down to the bottom! I love riding pants, because of their comfort and fit.  They hug the leg nicely, so Target thank you for these. I love them!  

Boots came from Guess Tanger Outlet Southaven.  I caught these on sale around the holiday and was glad to have found them.  The block wedge heel is great for my feet. Perfect 10 on these boots.  My earring were passed on to me by my mom. She wore them to an Anita Baker concert in the late 80's. These earrings have a lot of history. 

Below you will find more pics of me and of my friends. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook under Angie Steele. Do share our collaboration blog and make a comment. We'd love to hear from you. 
























Starting from top right we have Brianna Wiggins

Bottom Left Tia Davidson

Bottom far right fellow Memphian Blogger Bianca Gale

Jenni Style Fairy 


  There's no introduction for this phenomenal woman on the move in style, but wait let me go ahead just in case you'e not up on who she is. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenni StyleFairy Graham at another event, but was graced to attend and cover her JCHIC Styling Studio Soiree'. Jenni is a Boss and she bossing when it comes to fashion, coaching models, designing, personal shopping, and speaking.  She goes above and beyond giving us life in fashion!  At her Soiree' her fans showed up in a big way to support the Style Fairy.    

Now you know Jenni wowed the crowd and camera with her own designed jumpsuit? She wore a mermaid sequin jumper that she finished for the soiree'. (Please refer to the above picture) As, Jenni and I went Facebook live for her 5,000 plus followers, Facebook got to Jumping with comments of love on her award winning piece and reactions of hearts. One viewer even asked her  in her live interview to make a wedding dress. Jenni is the queen of fashion and I'm sure a wedding dress will be a breeze for her to make and design.

Jenni's motto is, "Live the life you deserve in style," and from what I can tell she will help us to achieve just that. Her studio is filled with beautiful fabrics flown in and gathered from various places.  Her styles are one of a kind pieces. One piece that caught my eye was the mermaid sequin dress with a fur. It almost got snatched! 👀


So I know you'e wondering were can we find the Style Queen? JCHIC is located 64 Flicker Street, Memphis TN 38104. She can be reached through the Web at for you to book your consultation and more. Also, on Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook @ Jenni The Style Fairy Graham 

Instagram @jchiclifestyle 

These are just a few of her handles as she' on several!


Do your closet a favor and follow her, support her soaring brand.  Now watch her from now on being greater than great!








Book Let's Talk Vlog at 

Old weight can turn to new gains 

Happy New Year Boo's,

 I'm so excited to have crossed over into 2018. It will be a great year, one that's full of new levels, clearer direction, opportunities, character building, and getting your money up. I'm the first to admit I'm freaking ready and since I'm up writing this blog I've started on some new level shiiii!

Such as you ask?

Well, for one December 2017 was a hard month, opening a salon, trying to work in a different location than my own salon, stacking them dollars, blogging, volunteering, being here and being there.  I gave no thought to how I was eating and allowed myself to take a break from caring.  Well Boo I stepped on the scale 12 minutes ago and was like, OH Hell No😣


I' proud to say I love every part of me, but one thing I'm not going to do is be a candidate for all the unhealthy diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, or high blood pressure.  The scale reminded me that we all should have a point of Heck no. My heck no is when I see 180. (Side note)

🌡My point of heck no meter must have broken, because I nearly fainted. Lol


Ok enough about that!

My plans I'm sure you want to know.  

I love Instagram more than Facebook, I just do. The community of inspiration, creativity, and groups are better. I'm just saying!!!!!  Follow Keto people🍗🍖🧀

Keto works for my body type and my body does some magical fairy stuff and lose weight in all the right places. I do love to lift weights and since it' cold outside I will be doing walking away the pounds on the inside. Forget a gym, because my living room is my gym. I'd rather keep my money for a gym and invest in the food, supplements, and cute gym clothes. 🦄

My Amazon Stick has many work out trainers too, so I'm keeping my money for a trainer. I have 4 months to snap back, I'm applying pressure to myself, for myself, all by myself. Lol


I'm adding a link below of a guy who's on Youtube and he is a guru to all the keto info you will need. I love him. 4 months people is all I need.  Oh I left out one part. Keto plus Intermittent Fasting is it helps me to melt away inches faster. So look for the link. 

Hope you guys have your plans as I do. Remember to keep watching and know Angie Steele Loves you. 😗


Teach Me Short Hair Chante.Nichelle 



I proudly wore my shirt purchased from Salon de Coupe's inventory that states, "Humble Chic, Dope Hair," to the Teach Me Short Hair class orchestrated by Chante' Wilkins. Humble yet dope definitely describes Chante' Nichelle, Design Essential Educator, Salon de Coupe's owner, and Hair Stylist.  Chante' is truly a hair artist that flows well when she's given control from her clients to be creative.  Her hands creatively marries color & cuts to show symmetry. Viewing her Instagram page @Chante.Nichelle her fan base reaches the thousands and I'm one that follows her on all social media platforms. 

  In her Teach Me Short Hair class she displays her winning down to Earth personality. She made us all feel comfortable enough to ask any question and even do a little hands on work along side of her.  We watched her in amazement move through 2 short hair clients and one hair cut from long to short with so much ease. Chante' created a timeline from start finish for us to follow.  We worked through proper molding techniques, received education on products, learned about dry waving as well as wet waving, taking proper photos for marketing, and so much more. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! 

After, it was all over I got a chance to have one on one time over the phone with Chante' even more.  Ladies, when I say down to Earth, calm spirit, loving, a cheerleader for anyone going for their goals, Chante' is that person.  She stated, " I felt like I had to work hard to be the best, because I didn't go to a traditional 4 year College."  She also mentioned how she started off just doing braids for hours for her high school basketball team and others growing up.  Chante' has definitely evolved.  Further through our conversation she expressed how confidence is the character trait one must possess in the hair industry.  She spends a lot of time mentoring and volunteering at the hair schools being sure to help them understand just that.  Career days are always fun for her to do at the high schools to show girls that this industry can take you far as with any career if you work hard.  Her mission  statement is to thy own self be true.  She believes living in your truth is the way to a great life.


What's next for Chante? When asked I learned that she goes back and forth thinking about this question.  She has definitely worked with some great people making several appearances.  One to add FreddieJ!  FreddieJ is also an Instagram Beauty Industry sensation that host  advanced training and more. 


From what I can see Chante' is headed for greatness. She doing what we (stylist) all have dreamed of such as being a great stylist, owning a salon, evolving in creativity, being an educator, and platform artistry. 

Definitely, one to watch.  Lastly, I created through pictures and a partial video of our class. 

Thank You Boo for allowing me to do so. 


So, guys hit the link, share, like, comment, and let's hear it for my girl Scissor Happy Chante' we Love you HUN!


Zii Davis~Be You Be Beautiful Be A Boss 


Memphis leader among entrepreneurs, Zaniesha "Zii" Davis is one to watch in 2018 & going forward. She is a dynamic multi talented, creator of making streams of income, leader in beauty, strategist, sensation on Instagram & Facebook to many. As I write this blog I'm blown away by her annual Rock Your Crown event held in Germantown, TN at the Great Hall.The event hall was adorned with fresh flowers, crowns,  pink table cloths

all setup for her winning panelist, sponsors, guest, as vendors encamped around.

  While on stage Zii says, "I just kept saying Thank you Jesus today."  This star was so grateful that her annual event was sold out yet another year. The focus of Rock Your Crown is to empower women, affirm, help attendees realize their gift(s), financial training, and her beauty session. Yes, I said Beauty Session.

 Zii is a graduate of Christian Brothers University with two degrees, one being in English & the other in Psychology.  She shared her story to us all on how she worked for a Fortune 500 business for 3 years, but was denied her ideal job due to experience. Never counting herself out she started working for her mom and helped her to grow her business.  After working for her mom Zii turned to her  own passion.  Zii found her passion was so strong for makeup and helping women look their best that her passion turned into her gift.  As her gift developed in helping women and being creative with makeup it turned into her talent. 

Today, Zaniesha Davis has soared as the most recognized makeup artist/influencer in Memphis, TN & abroad.

She has worked with a variety of music artist such as Mary Mary, Jasmine Sullivan, TV personality GooGoo, actress Amirah Vann and a host of us locals.  Today, I was recharged as I attended my first Rock Your Crown Event.  I stated earlier, I was blown away.  The energy, drive, talent, creative vision, love, passion, and talent from this boundless entrepreneur has sparked a special place in my heart. 

  Dear Readers follow this great woman of faith, but keep watch as she is set to release her music cd of Crowned Affirmations. The songstress debuted her first single and tears flowed from my eyes, because this is what we need as women. We need to hear and sing affirmations-it's always a plus when you can jam too!  Please be sure to buy this album on CDBABY, Apple Music, & Spotify! 

Here's some final words from this beauty mogul with a smile that warms your heart. 

#1 Stop Limiting Yourself

#2 Get out your feelings

#3 Decide your destination in life

#4 Be the loudest voice in your own head (Be your own cheerleader)

#5 Recognize who you are and that's a child of the Most High

and always


Remember to Always Rock Your Crown!


written by Angie Steele











Rachel King on the Road to Entrepreneurship  





Hey Great People!!!!!





I love to hear about Great People finding new hobbies that allow them to grow in creativity & build wealth!


I sure Do!


Check out Memphis own Rachel King, graduate of Overton High School 2003 and alumni of UT Martin with a degree in Fashion & Merchandising. I ran across this GREAT WOMAN on Instagram and decided to follow her based on her social media personality.  Yeah, if you didn't know everyone has a social media personality and believe me we can all pick up on it.  It's more like an energy that you give off through you clothing, live conversations, pictures, etc. (you get the picture

After a few months of following Ms. King she hit us all with something new.  That something new caught my eye and I immediately knew I had to support her brand.  Rachel has started her own company and it's called PATCHWRK without the "O."  She takes your old boring clothing such as backpacks, jackets, pants, purses, shirts, and BLING them out to your liking with patches, studs, and beautiful adornments.  Her look book on Instagram under patchwork_rach is full of her lively, rad, and custom work for you to see.  (Check out pics below)

So remember I said I had to support this trend setter right? My daughter is turning the big 17 on one of the best days of the year, Halloween!!!  My kiddo is into trends and loves to stand out with her clothing and in grades of all A's.  I simply can't wait to surprise her with this new jacket that I'm sure she will love. 


Do me a favor fans and go follow Rachel IG page & Facebook page

Instagram page is patchwork_rach

Facebook page is Rachel King































Why I Quit Social Media 



Don't Judge

No Haters Allowed

It was worth it!


So Yeah,

I was on my A-Game with vlogging, blogging, hosting events, attending events, being a mom, working as a hair stylist, coaching soccer, writing a series of books, working for my sponsors, spear heading the go be great movement, grieving over my mom, getting through some other stuff, and being a friend to some great people.  I realized that on a daily basis at least half of my day or more-7 days a week was spent on social media.  Please realize that social media is a job for some of us Dear People.  I actually made half a living while on here and looked up one day and said, "OK I NEED A BREAK."   Even though the recognition is great, FaceBook and all it's shenanigans need to be put in TIME OUT.  I love social media I do, but I've learned to love boundaries even more. Well, let me be honest some stuff can wait. It's just messenger was bugging me at all times a day and even when putting it on do not disturb I was still seeing messages.  UGH! LOL!

However, I decided to take a break and that break did me some good. That two month break allowed me to develop some better time management habits, get my book rolling, travel, and finally minimize my closets. (the closets was a monster)

Being off the Book I realized I missed being quiet, reading, and I was able to get back in the habit of exercising. I sure did miss lifting those weights & early morning HIIT training. 

Well, as you can see my ass is back on here! I promise to do better this time, I PROMISE!

Have you guys ever taken a break or fast from cyber space, social media, your cell phone, tablet, etc?

Tell me about it, I would love your input!